Wagatha's Organic Dog Treats… established 2006

Wagatha's is an artisan bakehouse in the Green Mountains of Vermont. With a small and dedicated crew, we bake the highest quality biscuits using USDA certified organic ingredients. 

Who is Wagatha?

Wagatha represents all dogs. She is an adventurous pup, the embodiment of a youthful spirit. In our tale, Wagatha is rescued by a baker, and becomes a hero with her leaping prowess and kind social skills. She is a best friend, thus:

In Wagatha We Trust...


Wagatha's mission is to treat dogs and owners well by making the highest quality dog treats and offering the best customer service to those who care for dogs. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers (two legged and four).


We believe in treating our community well. Wagatha's donates to many charitable causes that enhance the lives of dogs. Due to the high volume of donation requests, we try to honor those in the Northeast (local supporting local), but also donate product in other areas to charities dear to our customers’ hearts.

girl and dog
Our Friends:


"We only want the best for our fur babies! I learned about your biscuits from a FB friend who is a biochemist, and she trusts only your brand." - Beth A.

"We consume an outrageous quantity of biscuits here...but life’s short, eat more Wagathas!! Thank you for the bulk boxes." - Hudson and Rosie

"I absolutely love everything I've ever ordered from you, and they are honestly Bailey & Jasper's favorite treats :)" - Sue O.

"It is important that the human in the house likes the creative flavors and healthy ingredients- which I do 100%. But it is more important that the Cocker Spaniels who rule the house love the flavor, smell and crunch - JoJo and Nikita most definitely do! Wagatha’s definitely rocks our world. We buy our favorite flavor in 10 pound boxes and give our doggie friends assorted flavors in smaller boxes as gifts for all occasions! Please keep up the good work, we also love that you are a New England company we know we can trust. Woof, from long term customers JoJo and Nikita!" – 
Terry W.

"Good afternoon from Maryland! Just wanted to let you know that my rescue pup, Vito Corleone, has been enjoying Wagathas for over a decade...he is turning 14 in just over a month! Then, we adopted Bella Baci and she will be 4 very soon. She loves Wagathas too. They must know that their momma feels good giving her pups healthy, delicious and organic biscuits. Clearly, they are made with love; the secret ingredient! Thank you Wagathas for doing what you do for my pups. They love you and so do I!" – Rosemarie

"Thanks so much for having such amazing biscuits and the most amazing company that I know of to go along with them. All the little dogs out there just need to discover how awesome these biscuits are.  Zack sure loves them and they seem to give him a bit more energy and bounce, which is especially important at his age." – 
Leslie C.

"I learned that Addie is allergic to chicken and I was having a really hard time finding healthy treats. I called Wagatha’s and their Vice President answered! She and I talked all about their processes and what would be best for Addie. No more worries with all-vegetable biscuits! Their customer service has always been outstanding; personal notes in my boxes and more than enough kindness to fill hearts across the globe! I will never go anywhere else!!!! I could go on and on about how amazing you are… Customer service is so important and you make me feel like I’m family!" – 
Cindy P.

One amazing community in Sarasota, Florida decided to give Wagatha's to all the dog families in their neighborhood to support a small organic company during the COVID19 crisis.  We are truly grateful and honored they chose us!  Please support small companies and organic products made in America!